Saunders Architects Ltd is a Tauranga based architectural practice with over 39 years of experience in a wide variety of project types and scales.  The practice is based on the belief that innovative, practical design is essential for the production of functional, beautiful and uplifting architecture. We bring this about through a strong team who all have pride in what we do, and our drive for quality is inherent in all aspects of what we provide. When thinking of building or renovating, our team at Saunders Architects treats your project as if it was our own. We take this responsibility very seriously, and from the beginning set out to build and develop a strong, open client relationship. We take pride in the close relationships we have, and continue to build, with our clients, and measure our success on the number of clients who engage us to carry out further work.  We believe great relationships create great teams and great teams can create great projects.  We hope you feel the same and look forward to working closely with you